Vacation hangover, who? We don’t know her: Listed below are our tried and examined hangover cures

Holiday hangover, who? We don’t know her: Here are our tried and tested hangover cures
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Our liver took a great beating to carry you our tried and examined information to hangover cures in Singapore.

It’s 10am on a Sunday morning and also you get up feeling such as you’ve been hit by a truck. Sure, everyone knows this acquainted feeling. As a lot as we wish to experience weekend shenanigans, we’re not followers of the tyrannic hangover. It is available in a number of varieties like headache, nausea and dehydration. Within the title of groundbreaking journalism, we sussed out hangover cures and put them to the check. Whether or not you’re a stay-at-home drinker or a frequent customer of cocktail bars, these miracle staff may have you feeling all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed very quickly. Hey, you may even make it for Sunday brunch.

Tried and examined hangover cures in Singapore

1. Dunk your face in ice water

Dunk your face in ice water | Hangover cures
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In case you’re an avid TikToker like us, you may’ve already seen this treatment floating round. It’s a easy one. First, get a bowl large enough to suit your face. Subsequent, fill it up with water and ice, and submerge your face for a couple of seconds. In line with Dr. Jackson (the man who taught us this hack), that is speculated to activate the diver’s reflex. It begins up your physique’s digestion and helps with nausea. Don’t quote us on the precise science, as a result of we aren’t certain how this works, however we’ve tried it. The end result? Our nausea disappeared and we felt extra awake. The chilly is a shock to the system, however we suppose that’s precisely what you want.

2. Bytox hangover patches

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In case you aren’t a fan of popping hangover capsules, we’ve received excellent news for you. We discovered a patch that works! Bytox is a translucent patch that permits your physique to soak up extra vitamin B goodness. This restores stability and replenishes depleted vitamins. All you must do is slap one on 30 to 45 minutes earlier than you begin consuming, and also you’re good to go! Maintain it in your physique for a minimum of eight hours after consuming and also you’ll keep away from all of the icky hangover emotions.
Bytox hangover patches, accessible on-line

3. Revit

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Obtained a candy tooth? Meet Revit’s anti-hangover gummies which can be created from pure substances. Right here’s a peek into the science behind it. These gummies include a scientifically-backed components that quickens the breakdown of ethanol and acetaldehyde – aka the offender behind your horrid complications, Asian flush and nausea – all whereas replenishing vitamins and defending your liver. Pop two of those earlier than or throughout an evening out, and also you’ll be all set!
Revit, accessible on-line


4. DrinkAid

Hangover cures | DrinkAid
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This miracle hangover treatment works by decreasing acetaldehyde in your physique. What’s that, you ask? Right here’s a bit of science lesson. Once we eat alcohol, our physique breaks down the ethanol into acetaldehyde. It’s the explanation why we expertise hangovers, and it’s 10 instances extra poisonous than ethanol. Every capsule accommodates pure substances together with black pepper extract, ginger extract, succinic acid and pyroglutamic acid. All that helps to fight the nasty compound in your system. We tried it and we completely give it the inexperienced gentle!
DrinkAid, accessible on-line

5. Coconut water (or any water, for that matter)

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You’ll hear this time and time once more. You are feeling like trash the morning after since you’re dehydrated. Alcohol is a recognized diuretic, which rids your physique of salt and water. This implies you find yourself with much less fluid in your system. For each alcoholic beverage you are taking, you’re advisable to drink a glass of water. But when, in your drunken stupor, you overlook to alternate drinks, make sure to down some water while you get up.

Go for coconut water you probably have it. We select to imagine it’s nature’s isotonic drink. It’s filled with nutritional vitamins, minerals, fibre and, most significantly, electrolytes. Your physique will likely be rehydrated from the within out. We recommend a 500ml bottle earlier than and after sleep.

6. BounceBack

Bounceback | Hangover cures
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With a reputation like that, you may count on to get up recent as a daisy after an evening of heavy consuming. Every capsule is made up of pure substances, with dihydromyricetin being the hero. It helps to metabolise alcohol sooner by lowering blood alcohol focus and selling alcohol clearance. Enjoyable reality: a wholesome liver can solely metabolise one boozy beverage per hour. With this magic capsule, your liver doesn’t need to work further arduous while you’re smashing one drink after one other.
BounceBack, accessible on-line 

7. Hanjan Jelly

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Korea has blessed us with many issues: Korean BBQ, bingsu, kimchi, soju… and now we are able to add hanjan jelly to the checklist. Once we heard about this miracle jelly, we simply needed to attempt it. It accommodates curcumin, an lively compound derived from turmeric, which helps with metabolising alcohol. Belief us, for those who occur to be a hooch hound, you’ll be wagging your tail with a zest for all times the subsequent day while you slurp on this earlier than and after your debauchery. To not point out, the person packaging is tremendous handy.
Hanjan Jelly, accessible on-line

Kiss that nasty headache goodbye with our superior hangover cures!